Communism Is Doing Great

Now I understand that as a raving lunatic I often have difficulty comprehending things sane people tend to grasp firmly, like, say, the economy. But what does it mean when the fastest growing national economy in this ailing world is a communist one? After a month of careful consideration it must be because of President Pink-o’s ascent to the throne here in the U.S. of A. and Chairman Green-back’s (?) rise to power in Red China.

The Liberty Forum's Person of the Year?
The Liberty Forum's Person of the Year?

Point being, Communist China continues to appear to be turning into a red-blooded America hating conservatives’ fantasy land. A strong military, no civil rights of any kind, militant acquisition of sovereign nations, being kind of shitty at “nation building,” a government that does a poor job of responding to natural emergencies, etc. etc. Jumpin Jeepers, Commie China sounds just like the good ole U.A. of A. circa 2005, only this time with an upward bound economy! These retro-minded sons-a-bitches are creating a practical Chad Ciocci approved fantasy-land.

You can read more about the details of the world going topsy-turvy, here.


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