A Little Part Of Our Childhood Just Died.

More proof that Wall Street is run by godless blood hungry fiends content on destroying Western Civilization: Midway Games has filed for bankruptcy. For those of you not familiar with the 1990s, Midway Games brought us the uber-violent Mortal Kombat series, that satisfied the blood lust of an entire generation of American youth. Known as the significantly more badass Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat packed ten buckets of blood in 16 bits back in the SEGA Genesis heyday.

Midway was also responsible for the similarly ridiculous NBA Jam, which was easily the slam dunkinest game ever committed to nascent home game consoles. NBA Jam was the hallmark of an era where Charles Barkley, Scotti Pippin, and Dennis Rodman stood tall the 16-bit stalwart giants of the basketball world. Today the world can still say: “boom shakalakalakalaka,” but must do so with more than a hint of dour melancholy.

Here are tributes to a better time:

Mr. Obama, where is the bailout money for Midway?


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