Still Mongering After All These Days

In an interview with Politico, bloodthirsty egg-shaped Bond villain Dick Cheney warned Americans to be weary of the new administration’s quest to restore America’s global dignity. While the interview is not nearly as egregious as Rush Limbaugh’s sour-grapes anti-American tirade, Cheney was heavily critical of the tone of Obama’s rhetoric in dealing with terror; you see, when it comes to geopolitical rhetoric Dick Cheney clearly prefers, say, John Wayne to Koffi Annan. In the sermon like inerview, he offered American visions of nuclear holocaust and bio-terrorism striking the hearts of our metropolis, which casts a strong conthrast to the current administration’s message of hope and patriotism.

The former Vice President rarely emerges from his hollowed out Volcano liar to speak to the press but when he does it’s usual short, ugly, and mean; and this particular interview really shows that he can monger himself some fear with the best of ‘em still.

You can see the whole interview and read the Politico article on it here.


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