I’m Thinking They Should Sell These in the Bookstore

I was so excited when I saw the puppy bowl post and realized I’m not the only one at  the paper who reads bestweekever. A good 2/3 of my favorite things on the internets were brought to my attention by the astute people over at BWE, although I tend to let my friends assume I found out about Chase No-Face on my own.  (Don’t google it; you’ll regret it).  BWE certainly didn’t let me down today.  In fact, I’d like to dedicate my first official paper post to these t-shirts, necessarily brought to my attention by BWE.  

This is what happens to your hands when you fornicate.


Is it just me, or does the ‘EX-slave’ one not. make. any. sense next to the rest of them… especially as worn by a black man? ‘EX-fornicator’—  that’s hilarious.  And also literal.  Either ‘EX-slave’ is also literal— and therefore not hilarious— or it’s a completely inappropriate metaphor that proves how hilariously out-of-touch the makers of these t-shirts really are.  I’m hoping it’s the latter.

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