Update: Prospect Alert

What’s the perfect analogy for the Fordham men’s basketball team’s ’08-’09 campaign?

To make matters worse, it’s hard to imagine that recruiting visits for the A-10 cellar dwellers go nearly as well as a Tommy Boy sales pitch. So anytime there’s a shred of good news emanating from the Rose Hill Gym, it always catches our attention over here at the paper‘s sports desk.

On Vacation
On Vacation

Yesterday, Fordham landed a commitment from Brooklyn prospect Joel “Air Jamaica” Wright, widely regarded as one of the better big men in the city.

Wright, who was being recruited by several Big East schools including St. John’s and West Virginia, said he chose the Ram’s because it offered him the opportunity to remain close to home, a chance at joining the starting lineup right away and that the coaching staff “loved me. They wanted me so bad.”

The 6-6, 18 year old from Thomas Jefferson High School is a junior and not eligible to sign a national letter of intent until November.  He is due on campus in the fall of 2010.

His high school coach, Lawrence Pollard, thinks highly of the power forward who has led the Orange Wave  to a 14-6 record while averaging 25 points and 19 rebounds a game.

“A lot of guys from New York City who went to the Big East transferred because they couldn’t make it there,” Pollard said. “The Big East is flooded with talent. Not to say he couldn’t compete or isn’t talented enough, which he is. But the Big East isn’t for everybody.”

“I told him,” the coach continued, “that at the end of the day the only advice you need is to go somewhere where they love you, not where they like you. Fordham put in the work, they got the guy they deserved. … It’s not where you go, it’s what you do where you’re at.”

And now for a little of ‘Air Jamaica’ in action:


P.S. Real video is available here.

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