Did Weezy Threaten an Ex-President?

Whilst not singing about the prom queen’s “fancy underwear,” Lil’ Wayne (the paper‘s favorite syrup slurping rapper-cum-maniac) has been promoting this Years Grammy Awards on CBS. The politically charged preview of the interview had Mr. Carter claims that he wouldn’t ask former president George Bush a single question about Katrina, because “gangsta’s don’t ask questions,” implying some other form of confrontation instead… If noted promoter of bitch-ass-ness Kanye made waves when he said “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people,” think of how the world would react to Lil’ Wayne bopping him in the face… or at least throwing his “Greedy Genius” kicks at him… or maybe he’s just got nothing to say to the former nation ruiner. Anyways, here’s Weezy on a litany of topics where he swerves between eerie, menacing calm, to sedated, drug induced inanity:

Bonus Weezy madness after the jump…

In other Lil’ Wayne news, here’s a life tasting of what’s to come on Weezy’s upcoming rock album, Rebirth. If you thought that he was a crazy enough motherfucker to pull this off in fine, flamboyant fashion, here’s proof as to why this shit is not gonna fly:


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