Drug Addled Blimp Hates America

Anti-American pill-popping lard ass, Rush Limbaugh took a strong stand against America by hoping that President Barack Obama fails to lead our country out of a series of crises created largely by his radical conservative predecessor.  After hunting in the darkest depths of YouTube’s hellish underbelly I managed to pull out just one clip that cuts straight to the bleak heart of Rush Limbaugh’s un-American tirade against our glorious leader.

Not included in this clip is the infamous radio commentator’s condemnation of liberals blindly supporting Obama because “his dad was a black man,” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean. I, for one, as a red blooded Patriot, am sick and tired of this fascist asshole coming on our airwaves and spreading his hateful, anti-American scree to the unwashed masses. This is our country, fatty, love it, or leave it!


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