New Editorial Staff

the paper‘s 2008 editorial staff


Editor-in-chief/Chief Puppy Lover
Editor-in-chief/Chief Puppy Lover

Kate Murphy- FCRH ’10

Executive Editor
Executive Editor/Cowboy Expert

Bobby Cardos- FCRH ’11

Assistant Executive Editor/Staredown
Assistant Executive Editor/Staredown Señior

Chris Sprindis- FCRH ’11

News Co-Editor/Seagull
News Co-Editor/Seagull

Max Siegal- FCRH ’10

News Co-Editor/~Editor
News Co-Editor/~CORE Editor

Alex Orf- FCHRH ’11

Arts Co-Editor/Anti-Communist
Arts Co-Editor/Anti-Communism Editor

Joe McCarthy- FCRH ’11

Co Arts Editor/Sports Editor
Co Arts Editor/Sports Editor/Barbeque Expert

W. Sam Wadhams- FCRH ’11

Features & List Editor
Features & List Editor/Photoshoppierre

Alex Gibbons FCRH ’11

Earwax Editor/TV Editor/Sooo Handsome....
Earwax Editor/TV Editor/Sooo Handsome....

Aaron Charles Peer- FCRH ’11


Come write for the paper in 2009, for an editor of your choice…

send articles to- and see


Tuesdays at 8pm in the Ramskellar

One thought

  1. As much as I loved a huge picture of me with a puppy, Wadhams, I changed the remaining 3 to Obamacons. It just felt right.

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