Supreme Court Ruins Dirty Harry

Justice One, Dirty Harry... Halved
Justice One, Dirty Harry... Halved

In a landmark decision that strikes a blow against the cop-drama/ “buddy” flick community, the Supreme Court ruled that evidence can be valid despite police “error.” The ramifications of the 5 to 4 ruling mean that all sorts of villainous creeps, thugs and miscreants can no lobger walk away Scott-free on some bogus “technicality” like the 4th Amendment!

The message of the ruling was clear: “if ya think that you can get away with crime just because our boys in blue might be a bunch incompetent boobs better suited for fitting in snugly in some bogus Byzantine bureaucracy instead of protecting good honest Joes on the streets, you’ve got another thing coming, pal!” Scumbags and fear mongers that lurk in the dark corners of city streets everywhere in our nation’s rotting infrastructure can’t hide behind their precious “4th Amendment” any longer!

The only problem with such a rights crushing maneuver is that it would cut in half the film Dirty Harry, and countless other renegade cop flicks (see, Bad Boys, et al.) where some waste of humanity is able to walk out of our revolving door penal system without so much as a slap on the wrist, prompting a hell bent revenge plot that will inevitably involve the good guy giving up his shield in the name of justice and telling the Chief to stuff it, all because some lame-wad activist judge decides that blowing shit up, invading people’s homes and torturing people isn’t a part of “due process.” In today’s world, an officer like “Dirty” Harry Callahan wouldn’t even have to ask a vile leech like Scorpio if he feels lucky… the Supreme Court already told the bastard that he isn’t.

Read the NY Times article here.


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