Browns edge Oilers!

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In sports news, the Cleveland Browns narrowly edged out the Houston Oilers in the AFC Divisional round, 13-10.  While both teams played teeth-gnashing, jaw-shattering defense, an injury to the Oiler’s Pro Bowl rookie running back Chris Johnson took away Houston’s most powerful ground weapon.  Cleveland responded with tremendous play by rookie quarterback “Uncle” Joey Flacco, who marched the team down field for a late field goal to break the 10-10 deadlock.  While it would appear that the game clock had expired just before


Flacco’s 20 yard third-down pass that more or less set up the field goal, the Oilers had to settle for the sad knowledge that it was beyond their control.  What wasn’t beyond their control were the three game changing turnovers (all within the Brown’s 25) and Oiler’s kicker Rob Bironas’ missed field goal.  All in all, the 13-3 Oilers knew they would face tough competition from Cleveland’s finest, but couldn’t protect the ball, and now they will head home to Space City and watch the Browns take on the winner of tomorrow night’s Pittsburgh Pirates-Los Angeles Chargers game.  While the Pirates are now the top seed in the AFC, Los Angeles’ thrashing of the Baltimore Colts behind backup running back Darren Sproles gives them a good head of steam heading into this week’s matchup.  Otherwise, the Racine Normals are currently battering the Charlotte


Panthers, and the winner of that match will face the winner of tomorrow’s New Jersey Giants/Frankford Yellow Jackets in the NFC title game.

All in all, we’ve seen numerous upsets this playoff season, starting with the Boston’ Patriots playoff snub and continuing through the Frankford Yellow Jackets upsetting the Minneapolis Marines in Minneapolis.  Where the playoffs of the American Professional Football Association playoffs will take us in anyone’s guess, but it sure will be an exciting ride.


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