Quasi blue collar archetype becomes international news hound

It seems that we just can’t get enough of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher AKA “Joe the Plumber”. As All Things Considered states in their brief blurb on the famous not-actually-a-plumber, Wurzelbacher will be going to Israel courtesy of conservative group Pajamas TV (who, with a name like that, can be nothing if not taken seriously) for ten days to collect the stories  of their “Joes” and see what they think in order to get the “real” story across.

I think the big lesson to be learned here is that there’s two ways to go about this life thing: 1) You can work hard and do well and maybe gain some notoriety and success in your field, or 2) You can possess no real assets, intelligence or skills and still become largely successful by being a loud figure in the public forum pretending to embody America.


A True Embodiment of the Latter
A True Embodiment of the Latter

One thought

  1. Finally, some pretentious Cardos in the clutch.
    Well, looks like I’ll be off to my new job, Alex The ACLU Adviser.

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