Patrick Swayze & Barbara Walters

In all his glory.
In all his glory.

Patrick Swayze,  legendary star of such films as Dirty Dancing, Red Dawn, Youngblood and of course, Road House, talks about his battle with pancreatic cancer tonight in an exclusive interview on ABC.

In the interview, the actor, who suffers from stage four of the disease, opens up about his thoughts on life, death, his sickness and undergoing cancer treatments.  According to WebMD, Swayze faces an uphill climb for survival.

The cancer was first diagnosed last March and since then the 56-year-old actor has undergone  chemotherapy combined with  experimental drug therapy.  And although the actor acknowledges the severity of his situation, he has still found time to work and his new show “The Beast” airs next week on A&E.

In anticipation of tonight’s interview, the paper reflects on the legacy of Patrick Swayze, including our favorite characters from his storied career.

The Top 5 Swayze Roles of All-Time.

5. To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

Apparently Swayze plays a character named Vida Boheme. Aside from that tidbit I’m pretty much clueless as to what this movie could be about, but the beginning of this clip was far too good to warrant not making this most official paper list.

4. Youngblood

Swayze is Derek Sutton, captain of the Hamilton Mustangs. The sure-fire NHL prospect gets cut down in his prime just in time for Rob Lowe (in the lead role) to avenge Sutton’s demise before the movie closes. But make no mistakes, aside from the scene where Lowe bares his most beautiful backside, Swayze once again steals the show.

On a side note this is one of the best/worst/perfectly horrible sports movies ever made. Vodpod videos no longer available.

3. Red Dawn

Swayze thwarts an invasion of the United States by the combined forces of the USSR, Cuba, Nicaragua and any other red army imaginable. If that doesn’t say it all right there, he’s also a big proponent of drinking deer blood. It makes you a real man.

2.  Road House

In this cult classic Swayze plays former NYU philosophy professor James Dalton. We know-that line alone is good enough to launch Road House into the stratosphere of the all-time great B-movies. But it gets better. Along the way, Prof. Dalton manages to stray far enough from his eastern philosophical beliefs to be the biggest bad ass bouncer on the planet. On top of that, he fucking rips a guy’s throat out with his bare hands. The rest is history.

1. Chippendales

As if this wasn’t going to make the list at #1. Vodpod videos no longer available.


One thought

  1. Pete you narrowminded dope, you forgot Black Dog, a movie named after a Led Zeppelin song where trucker Swayze squares off against Meat Loaf in cross country semi-war.

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