Mo Gridders Comes To Fordham

Well not exactly.  But the the famed Hunt’s Point BBQ truck, widely regarded as having the most authentic BBQ this side of the Mason-Dixon line, is opening up a permanent location on the corner of Belmont Ave. and 186th St. in the Belmont Section of the Bronx.

Tino's beware, Mo Gridders is here.
Tino's beware, Mo Gridders is here.

Reported first on the West Bronx Blog, Mo Gridders, formerly only located on the same lot as an auto body shop in the South Bronx, will open up on a new location complete with BBQ truck, several picnic tables and an extended menu all within walking distance of Fordham University. More information is available here, here and here.

And proving once again that there has never been a piece of food related prose I wouldn’t eat, including such delectable adjectives as “rubbed” and “sauced,” is this review:

These ribs were meaty, tender, wet, sweet, and spicy, with the slightest glazed crust around the edges. Not overly rubbed or sauced, the owner told us that he triple-smokes them with a variety of woods to achieve a truly unique flavor.


***Update after the jump.

Not to burst the bubble of joy surrounding the Belmont arrival of Mo Gridders or anything, but apparently the “new” location isn’t exactly new.  It’s been there for at least a month, and according to paper insiders is grossly overpriced.  For some more palatable prices, not to mention a savory rack of ribs, try Bernie’s Fish and Chips. The soul food joint is located at 500 187th St, between Bathgate and Washington Aves. It’s worth the trip.

And although it might not be this place, it’s damn delicious just the same:Vodpod videos no longer available.


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