Tribute to the Movies

Deaditors at Large
Deaditors at Large

OK, so I obviously didn’t just stumble upon this on my own.  I found it through a link on Yes More Drama, the blog of paper deaditors Matt & Maciej.  If you don’t know who they are, you should. Either that or I’m getting to old for this and should be put out to pasture. Then again,  I guess that comes in May.

Either way, one of the two of them had linked to a post on Slashfilm, a movies blog previously unbeknownst to me, and this was the first post I saw.  Now normally I’ll watch a Youtube video for all of 17 seconds before losing interest and  moving on to a different 20 seconds of viral video bliss.  But this tribute vid caught my attention.

Maybe it was “Sympathy for the Devil.”  Or Maybe it was the mandatory in memoriam for Heath Ledger, Paul Newman & Bernie Mac. And maybe it was the fact some Dutch 15-year-old named Kees van Dijkhuizen manged to throw together a pretty fucking professional looking compilation of trailers.

But mostly it was trying to see how many movies I could identify from last year’s releases. I got to 13. Lucky me.

How many can you name?

God movies are awesome.


One thought

  1. Very impressive that this kid is 15, although he did forget “Space Chimps,” so that’s borderline unforgivable.

    Also, deaditors picture is amazing.

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