Remembering 2008: Best Arts Article

The fifth–and final–in a series of very lazy year end posts that, like a good clip show, celebrate our best moments of the year with absolutely no creative effort of any kind. The following article is the Feature Page from our September 24th issue.

Recognizing Your Humorous Manuscripts

the paper‘s Guide To Essential Graphic Novels

bye, Alex Gibbons

Graphic novels are rarely considered pieces of art, understandably, as many contemporary graphic novels are merely longer versions of their poorly written serial-comic counterparts. There exists, however, many talented artists and writers working in the graphic novel realm with the intent of furthering the legitimacy of the medium. This list is certainly not concise, but in the post Dark Knight comic-book world, with Hollywood working to buy up every existing comic-book script, it is important to recognize the seasoned artists of the graphic novel world. Here are five artists whose contributions to the graphic novel world have been extremely entertaining and especially influential.  Their dialogues are unique, their illustrations gorgeous, and their messages clear and outstanding. You can find any of these at any variety store, perhaps placed precariously behind serials and back issues of Iron Man, but important nonetheless.  Buy em’, rent em’, steal em’, and read em’, these are the paper’s essential, must read graphic novels. (more…)

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