Busted Blag Taps Big Boobs Replacement

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting embattled  Gov. “Big” Rod Blagojovich will appoint this guy, Roland Burris, as the replacement for “Big Boobs” Obama after the country decided to elect the most glamorous fun bags in the US Senate to the oval office.

This Guy
Let's See Some Skin!!

Not to be confused with bonerific French statesman Roland Garros, who, coincidentaly, is also endowed with a world renown rack, it has yet to be determined if Burris will have the man ta-tas to live up to the vacancy the Obama presidency will create on Capitol Hill.  Other candidates for best senatorial titties include front-runner Ted Kennedy (dependant on a healthy recovery from a brain tumor), perenial underdog John “The Mac Attack” McCain, and the zombie corpse of Ronald Reagan.

More from The Confederacy of Boobs after this.



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