Big Boobs Obama Interviewed By Prosecuters!!!

After riding a wave of admiration over the revelation of his lucious chest and rock hard abs, president elect Obama came into Matt Drudge’s scrutiny again today with a headline blaring “President Elect Interviewed By Prosecutors”  with a rather incriminating pic of Obama and Blagojevich talking (probably about something evil, like faking birth certificates).

So what’s the deal Drudge? Is the honeymoon over? Was the love-affair done when ‘Bam put his clothes back on? What’s the scoop, snoop? Ohhhhhhhh wait, your top story is a link to a story on The Smoking Gun, which is pretty much the Gauck office for the TMZ crowd… still waiting on the New York Times to comment.

In other Drudge related news:

Laxin' with Vlad
Laxin' with Vlad

Sometimes things just speak for themselves… Matt Drudge’s readers: Russian loving anti-Americans.


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