Nick Nightingale To Direct “Blood Meridian”

Apparently anxious to make every one of his books into a movie, Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian is scheduled for a 2009 release with Todd Field as director.  Field’s previous projects include Little Children (2006) and In The Bedroom (2001), but I only know him as the orgy catering organist Nick Nightingale from Eyes Wide Shut and Ol’ Drippy from Aqua Teen Hunger Force (what?).

Yep, thats Ol Drippy
Yep, thats Ol' Drippy

I am serisouly against Blood Meridian being made into a movie.  Previous adaptations of McCarthy’s work, notably 2007’s No Country For Old Men, have been successful, and The Road, also scheduled for release in 2009, looks promising under the helm of The Proposition director John Hillcoat (Nick Cave doing music again?).  Blood Meridian, however, doesn’t seem like it will translate well to the silver screen, McCarthy using an ever present third-person narrator, a sparse amount of dialogue, and a highly subjective style of imagery.  I enjoy blood-soaked western epics as much as the next man, but some adaptations are best left to the imagination.


One thought

  1. I’m with you. There’s no way it can be adequately made into a movie. No Country and The Road benefit because they are very minimalist novels and almost just bare screenplays, but Blood Meridian simply moves on too many different levels to become a movie. The kitschy nature of movies contradicts everything that Blood Meridian “means”. I don’t think any of the production staff know just how over their heads they are, but I wouldn’t mind seeing an original movie western with aspects of Blood Meridian. They oughtta shift their emphasis to something original, perhaps a critical rendition of Sam Chamberlain’s “My Confession,” the account on which Blood Meridian is based. That way they’ll have a lot more mobility in what they can do and they won’t run up against the impossible production standards of the novel.

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