Skeleton$ are the Titz

So the paper went out for a special field trip last night to see our new favorite band, Skeletons, perform at a place called “Less Artists More Condos” at West 3rd. The venue wound up actually being a massive loft that must be owned by the coolest rich people in the universe. the paper wound up sittin’ pretty on comfy couches and taking advantage of the bar’s $3 Old English cans in between sets.

But beyond the awesomeness of the venue, the real attraction was 100% Skeletons. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with these Gods of Rock, Skeletons (formerly Skeletons & the Kings of All Cities), are a ridiculously awesome indie-cum-jazz-cum-noise-cum-prog (whatever) act that alternate between being gently hypnotizing and jaw-droppingly pulverizing. Their set was, as expected, some parts smooth, some parts jagged, some parts beatific, and some parts nervous and insular, but all parts incredible (dare I say, mind-blowing?)

Here’s the video of their old SMASH hit “Sickness,” for those of you who may not be in the know:

Also, for anyone enticed by that tasty clip, here’s the band’s MySpace with a song from their new album and info on upcoming shows.


One thought

  1. I’d like to cosign on the epic nature of this field trip. I’d also like to mention how unabashedly hoodrich the very notion of 12 oz cans of OE really is, and how filthy/glorious it was getting faced off them with the crew.

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