A Day I Wished Had Never Come.

No it’s not the death of the live puppy feed, although that was an equally harrowing experience to have lived through. You just get so attached, and then they grow up so fast and get so big.  It’s like I don’t even know the little guys anymore.

If we are what we eat, I want to be a weiner.

No, my greatest fear was knowledge. Red pill, blue pill, ignorance, bliss. Whatever. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the terrifying images that I would soon behold.  And now, courtesy of a normally benign product of Canadian television, I present for your viewing pleasure the true secrets behind the creation of the Hot Dog.

The myth behind the legend after the jump.

For those of you with absolutely no patience whatsoever, the real gold doesn’t start until about 35 seconds in, and although its all great the money shot is at 1:57.

Mmmm, tasty.


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