Well, I guess we all knew it was coming. If the live puppy-feed continued forever it would be pretty disturbing (6 large Shiba Inus need to be free!). But even so, today—the day it has been announced the live puppy-cam is ending—might be the worst. day. ever.

The Sun Sentinel has announced that now that the puppies have reached 8 weeks-old they are leaving the view of the cam and finding new homes. We at the paper hope you lucky bastards who bought these puppies appreciate and love them as much as we did (and do). If only we had the foresight to appeal for some extra budget money this semester, maybe we could have bought one of them. (A paper mascot if you will.)

Here’s a tribute to the puppies. Listen to it on mute. Trust me. Also, check out the live-feed here until it dies this weekend. The puppies seem sad today. I think they know.


When one puppy-cam dies, another is born. THEY’RE ONE WEEK OLD.

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