The Cheapest Hotel In New York? Really?

Who better to trust for reliable information than a University Stalker?

Lost in a world of procrastination, I stumbled across the following, apparently student-written, editorial about the security who gate the gates and watch the watchtowers of our little oasis in the Bronx, protecting Daddy’s little $40K investments from the horrors of the big, bad city. Apparently College Prowler, the self-proclaimed “only college guides written by and for students,” rated our entire school without once asking the paper for it’s input. What a shame.

But apparently, and it’s news to us at the paper as well, good ol’ FU has earned its self a new moniker. And no, it’s not “Best Party School in NYC“. Thanks to the New York Post we already got that one. Apparently the Jesuits and the bureaucratic behemoth that is Res Life are now also in the business of putting Motel 6 out of business.

Straight from, Fordham Safety & Security gets a B-.

Student Editorial

For most students, rating security boils down to the strictness of residence hall policies. The long-debated, Catholic-founded cohabitation policy is rigidly enforced, although students that sign in guests of the opposite gender without signing them out ultimately pay a mere $15 fine (hence giving way to Fordham’s occasional nickname, “The Cheapest Hotel in New York”). Most students grow more and more agitated by campus strictness the longer they live at Fordham, and some even decided to move off-campus for this reason. Inconvenience aside, security is a welcome and conspicuous presence on both campuses that usually prevents the wrong people from entering University grounds.

See how much fun it is to Google Fordham?

The full College Prowler grades and an original music video after after the jump.

The Grades

The Grades?

Gotta love that drug rating.

The Music


4 thoughts

  1. Seriously, what are they looking for in a Drug Scene? Also, I don’t understand how the caf can consistently rate so poorly. It’s decidedly better than what I’ve seen at my friends’ schools. Are there colleges out there that have it so much better– do I just not know? Also puzzling: Local Atmosphere B+

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