Football Suffers Close 21-point Defeat

And because we here at the paper know that the internet is the first place you look to for your daily dose of Fordham Football coverage, we managed to type the words “Fordham” and “football” together in a Google news search and have kindly linked to two stories documenting the Rams thrilling 3-touchdown loss to Holy Cross, 38-17.

Like A Deer In Headlights
Fordham Football... as bewildered as a deer In headlights.

Fordham fell to 4-5 overall on the back of a defensive secondary that managed to give up only 407 yards passing (along with a mere 5 TDs) to Holy Cross QB Dominic Randolph. More importantly, the defending Patriot League Champions managed to prevent a win from scarring their perfect conference record of 0-4. 

For more information about the latest pigskin contest to end in despair for your Fordham Rams, look to the International Herald Tribune‘s article “Randolph’s 5 TDs lead Holy Cross past Fordham” or the Boston Globe‘s article “Randolph, HC rout Fordham.”

And if you’re looking for some real sports coverage you can probably find some over on ESPN, including an interesting piece on how the Yankees’ have decided to scourge their new ballpark with the same cursed home plate and pitching rubber that have seen the most World Series losses (13) of any MLB team. And that’s without even mentioning that whole “greatest-collapse-in-the-history-of-professional-sports” thing that happened back in ’04.

Good luck carrying all that baggage across the street. Assholes.


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