Suck it, Liberty Forum.

So it’s election night. A bunch of us from the paper have gathered ’round and are watching the results roll in, but…nothing’s really happening. It’s almost 9 and we don’t really know anything. So we all cracked open some Amurican dranks in our “situation room” (read: my apartment) and started surfin’ the internets to find something entertaining. And then one of us found THIS.

Now usually when we paper kids find some of the propaganda dribble that the pathetic excuses for conservatives here at Fordham crap out, we have a good chuckle. This time, not so. Too blatantly misinformed, too self-righteous.

So I thought I would comment. I mean, come on, they even claimed to WELCOME my comments:picture-5But when I tried to submit my response, it said “Comments on this blog are restricted to team members. You’re currently logged in as thepaper. You may not comment with this account.”picture-6

WHAT?! Wait. WHAT THE FUCK?! Does this mean only Liberty Forum contributors can comment?! Well here’s the full text of what my comment would have been:

“Conservatives have clear limits on what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, on what is right and what is wrong.”
This was THE MOST uninformed and pathetic excuse for political analysis I have read in a long time. Conservatives have clear limits? I guess that’s why people yelled “Kill him!” concerning Obama at Palin rallies. Is that within those limits? How about Anne Coulter calling John Edwards a “faggot” on national television? Unless you are a blatant racist and homophobe, those comments should not be considered within the “clear limits” of good taste. You idiot.

I hope this finds you, Liberty Forum.

xoxo, Kate

One thought

  1. The Liberty Forum blog was unaware that the comments were being blocked in such a way.
    The blog being restricted in this way was certainly unintentional and the idea of such a one way blog is terribly undesirable.
    The setting has been changed and commenting on all blog posts is now open.

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