Infantilizing the Masses

caveat lector? "let the reader beware?" really?
caveat lector? "let the reader beware?" really?

STUPIDEST DISCOURSE EVER! McCain has been making the world’s dumbest claims. Our side has largely allowed it

Okay, when I first read this, I thought it was novel as in the art form. I realize now that is a mostly retarded mistake on my part. Regardless, this article more or less sums up the sheer stupidity that is our public political discourse. It’s worth reading, but a brief summation is as follows: The Daily Howler chronicles Gene Robinson’s trigger finger in characterizing Sarah Palin’s political character. He not once, but twice comes to two wholly different and oversimplified conclusions about a woman who’s been in the public light for somewhere around ten weeks. It’s almost as if he feels there will be no November 5th, and he must get in his last two cents while he still can, instead of doing what a rational person would do after making one mistaken rash judgment: wait it out.

The article further talks about how ridiculously vague both candidates have been in the debates and elsewhere, using a the specific example of tax issues and how many conservatives see Barack Obama’s “spreading the wealth” as a push towards socialism/communism. It points out that Barack Obama’s plan for top marginal income tax is less than 5% higher than John McCain’s (JM’s is 35%, BO’s 39.6%). Regarding the Joe the Plumber debacle that’s plagued the airwaves, the article elucidates exactly how much more Joe would be paying if he managed to break the $250,000 profit margins: 36% versus 33%.

Now, this is a pretty modest difference, and certainly a far cry from socialism, but it bears asking: if this difference is so minimal, why wouldn’t Obama have just divulged these numbers during the debate? It’s empirical evidence that would’ve debunked McCain’s claim in a second. I’m all for thinking that the majority of Americans are dumb as hell, but I’m pretty certain that even those of the most meager intellect can understand just how minuscule 3% is. But hell, it’ll be over soon anyway. Just had to get my last two cents in.


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