Election Day: A Day to Get Fucked Up For Freedom

This Tuesday (tomorrow!!!), millions of Americans will shape the destiny of out country… blah blah blah… etc. etc. etc. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you give half a shit enough to vote (we hope!), and hopefully you have the intellectual fortitude to make the right (ah-hem!) choice.

Please spay or neuter your pets.
Please spay or neuter your pets.

That being said, election day is also a prime opportunity to score free/cheap booze, food and entertainment in the New York area, while hob-nobbing with the nation’s snootiest liberals.

With projector screens, a couple of comedians, free booze (from 10PM-10:30PM), free food (specifically cupcakes) and a (rumored) DJ set from a member of Fanny Pack (of “Camel Toe” fame), you really can’t go wrong. The Bell House is a beautiful new venue in Brooklyn that’s closest to the F, M, or R stop at 9th St-4th Ave.

Catch-22 is the type of venue that reeks of hair-gel and cocaine. But they are offering two hours of free high class gin at a place that normally charges $15 a drink. Take the N, R, or W to 23rd St. One catch, you gotta RSVP with these assholes. Send ’em an email here: poull@wayoverbudget.com

Okay, so this bitch is $10, that being said 
Galapagos is an awe inspiring art space that boasts a 1,600 square foot indoor lake and those measly ten bucks will get you two hours of free organic beer and sake (from 7 to 9 PM). Also, special performances from bands you’ve never heard of and DJs spinning the usual fun shit with massive screens keeping you up to date alllll night. All of that comes with screen-printing workshops and political-mask making stations. Oh, and as a bonus sweetener, the “Yes We Can! Can!” burlesque dancers will be shakin’ their rumps for your drunk asses all night. Galapagos is in the uber-fancy DUMBO area of Brooklyn; just take the F to York street and follow the directions found on HERE.

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