Terrible Concept #431: Fordham Meets Reality TV

Make Fordham Proud!!

You know the hospital at the end of Arthur where they take you to get your stomach pumped? Of course you don’t. You don’t remember anything from that night, save for what your two idiot friends told you the next morning when they met you at the security office, deathly dehydrated and hating life, after the Rambulance pushed you out of the back at 7am the next morning. But you might have been a star.

Well, that hospital is called St. Barnabas. And thanks to a new reality show, called 911: The Bronx, that chronicles its emergency room, now a national audience knows what a drunken asshole you can be. And considering a recent spike in Fordham students getting transported to St. Barnabas, we at the paper think it’s fair to say we’ll be seeing some of you on TV very soon.

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