Yankee Stadium – Lost & Forgotten

Sickened from the sight of the Philadelphia Phillies celebrating their first title in 28 years? Feeling that lack of Yankees’ baseball in your life? Can’t wait for pitchers and catcher to report so you can wash that ugly taste of missing the post-season for the first time since the ’94 strike from your mouths? Well, even as we here at the paper revel in the downfall of both New York baseball clubs, we also acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, something pretty cool took place at that dump down on 161st street. So even though the “House That Ruth Built” is off to stadium hell, and the new edifice across the street is mired in some issues with unethical financing, we offer the Bronx County Historical Society’s new exhibition Yankee Stadium – Now & Forever as an antidote for any residual effects you may be feeling from the 2008 season.

It’s your last chance to relive the old glory days before they turn your beloved baseball team’s old stomping grounds into a parking lot.

You do remember the glory days right? You know, back when you weren’t looking up at the Rays in the standings.

To get to The Bronx County Historical Society’s exhibition go to the:

Valentine-Varian House/ Museum of Bronx History
3266 Bainbridge Avenue at East 208th St.

Directions from Fordham: Take the Bx55 bus from 3 Ave. & Fordham Road heading to Fordham, get off at Webster Ave. and 204 St. Follow north on 204 St. past Decatur Ave., turn right on Bainbridge.


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