A message from the Sub-Basement of hell…


Hello children,

We here at the paper are currently winding down production on our latest issue, to hit newsstands on Wednesday.  Theres a lot going on, from spooky Halloween movies to spooky election stuff.  Co-Editor-In-Chief Bill Donahue did some live blogging from the World Series in Philadelphia, which will later appear not live and not in a blog.  Until it then gets put on the blog.  Sports has an all-out NBA preview and some school Rugby coverage. Arts has the paper‘s dance instructor and master impressionist Alex Gibbons banging out a review of Oliver Stone’s new film W. Earwax covers T.I., Devin the Dude, Annuals and more.  News has some election coverage, some Iraq coverage, and covers the world, and of course Edits has some of the finest personal essays never to be submitted as part of a college application.

Things that are not covered in this issue include an American attack on Syrian soil, evolution and Teen Wolf.  But, despite not producing much on Friday and Saturday of homecoming weekend (too busy showing alumns the construction and recently renamed North), we sat down in our writing pants and put together one of the finest issues of the paper since the domestication of livestock.  So start counting down, and when you see it in your dorm or caf or classroom building, make sure to stomp your feet and hold your breath until somebody buys you a copy.  It’s free, but it’ll make you feel powerful.  But to get yourself in the mood for the spookiest weekend of the year, have fun watching some imprisoned Phillipinos dance out Thriller on a massive scale and be happy you’re not the dude who has to play the girlfriend.


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