Annoyingly Cutesy Poster Pissin’ People Off

Some Brooklynite hipster ladies did their own take on the famous 1968 anti-draft poster that featured Joan Baez and her two sisters. Boys, make sure you wear your Obama/Biden pins on Bedford Avenue this weekend iiiiif ya knaw what I mean.

But srsly, the fact that people are getting super offended by this poster and interpreting it as  “a man’s Obama vote will get a woman to put out” need to get over themselves. (I mean, I get their point. But why does this automatically mean say yes to sex? I dunno. Still, I think they’re taking this waaaay too seriously.) As it says on the bottom of the poster (“Sarah Palin is not a woman’s choice. Vote November 4.”), this poster is about Obama’s ticket being the better choice for women’s issues. It’s not an invitation for sex. Duh. – Kate

A larger copy of the image after the jump

4 thoughts

  1. I’m offended by the sheer idiocy of this alone.
    McCain’s got crazy red-neck republicans to be embarrassed about, and Obama’s got his stupid and ironically folksy hipsters. Its a lose lose situation! Vote Gravel!

  2. So if girls aren’t saying yes to boys when they ask for sex, what are they saying yes to boys for?

    Truth is, that’s exactly what this poster is in reference to. People get pissed cause this shit is seriously getting old, especially coming from women trying to rally support for women’s issues.

  3. Maybe, just maybe, this isn’t so much a women’s issue as people are making it out to be, but something else entirely… Maybe lazily referencing (renowned misogynist) Joan Baez’s famous anti-draft poster is indicative of a larger problem amongst youth descent in this country: that we’re still working under paradigms set up by a counter-culture movement that died nearly forty years ago…

    Anyone open to discussing the inherent misogyny and homophobia of said counter-culture should refer immediately to glam rock in the early 70s.

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