Powell Endorses Obama

Less Talk, More Barack

What happens on a Sunday morning when my bike is broken so I can’t to the Tour de Bronx and the library doesn’t open until noon? I watch a little Meet the Press. And on Meet the Press this morning former Secretary of State under George W. Bush and former McCain campaign contributer, Colin Powell, endorsed Barack Obama. And you know what? His explanation sounded incredibly thought out, rational, and informational.

Clip after the jump…

This just serves as the cherry on top to a whole host of things that have Republicans pooping their pants this week, including Christopher Buckley’s (son of William F. Buckley, father of modern conservatism) decision to endorse Obama (Good thing brilliant author of Liberal Facism, Jonah Goldberg, defended Melty Mac.) and Sarah Palin’s decidedly awkward/snoozeville performance on SNL. Oh and there was that whole debate thing this past week, too.


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