Australian Psycho

Here’s a little Australian flick that apparently hit the scene sometime in 2000, and recieved some limited release in the states.  Chopper is based upon the books and crimes of Australian best selling author/psychopath Mark Brandon Read and to the best of my knowledge, this film didn’t get much more attention stateside besides a few festival releases and a couple of Rolling Stone ads, which is a shame, as the trailer makes it seem pretty badass. It stars a seriously overweight Eric Bana, and as any one of my close friends can tell you (don’t have any), any movie with a mediocre actor willing to put on sixty or seventy pounds, sporting a pretty authentic Australian accent, and murdering what seems to be a large quantity of people automatically has my support.

Trailer after the jump…


2 thoughts

  1. You might think Eric Bana is a mediocre actor, but had you watched this film (did you?), you couldn’t possibly say his was a mediocre performance. He is brilliant in this, and it has nothing to do with putting on lots of weight for the role.

  2. I agree with Chrissie. This is a pretty good movie and a VERY GOOD performance by Eric Bana. You will find yourself saying ‘Is he really Australian? I didn’t know that” Plus he is completely believable as a brutal, yet conflicted person.
    My opinion of him went WAY up after watching this (not that i had a low opinion to begin with, but this is one of his best performances IMHO.

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