Melty Mac Is Talkin’ Comeback

Hampered with an unending economic crisis, shifting cultural tides, a face that is struggling to adhere to his skull and a genuinely stupid running mate, John McCain has very loudly slid in national and swing state polls. But for all you Young Republicans who may have accidentally stumbled onto this site, don’t you fret a bit, our boy Mac is talkin’ comeback. 

Now, most of you reading this will say, that’s not newsworthy in the slightest. I couldn’t agree anymore, a losing candidate saying “I’m gonna try to not lose this one” shouldn’t under any circumstances be a headline, but media aggregator, Matt Drudge disagrees! Putting the story of John McCain wheezing out the oh-so-clever line that he was going to “whip” Barack Obama’s “you-know-what” is pretty fuckin’ stupid; but putting the story as your top headline and linking it under “READY FOR COME BACK” is really, really stupid, like Oliver Stone stupid. That headline is a few dead brain cells away from a LOLCATZ headline… “John McCain CAN HAZ COMBAK!?”

But, I digress… The news for this weekend is, John McCain, despite popular rumor, is still running for President.

Until then, debate Wednesday. Get pumped. 


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