Newt Gingrich = Still A Douche-bag

In a message directed at those in California who can’t read, erstwhile Speaker of the House and current douche-bag, Newt Gingrich asked voters to uphold the founding father’s terrible fear of homosexuality by voting YES on Proposition 8. In this message Newt reminds us of what is at stake in NOT banning gay marriage in California, and that is democracy. Newt sees a terrifying future where homo loving Judges sit in ivory towers delivering obscene proclamations upon the poor, simple people below. And he is here to say “NO!” by saying YES on Prop 8. Here it is in its (boring) entirety.

Kudos to Newt on not just coming out and saying, “God hates fags… vote yes on Prop 8,” but shame on you, lard-boy, for wrapping that ugly sentiment in American “History.” The message I’ve taken from this is that leaving the concept of gay marriage open to the interpretation of “radical judges” will start a domino effect that will end in America returning to British rule by judges in powdered wigs. Oh, Newt, I love abusing American history to fit your personal atavistic ends about as much as you fear homosexuality.


One thought

  1. Anybody else realize that if you click on the Prop 8 tag you get videos of newt gingrich and an idiot addicted to mouth cancer? Wonder who’s the bigger asshole?

    God I waste far too much time on this site.

    Too bad its gonna die in just over a month.

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