Ralph Nader Ad-libs His Way Back into My Heart

At this point in the election season, it seems pretty certain that Barack Obama is going to win.  He’s not going to take the White House by a huge margin, but the polls are clear enough: this won’t be an anxiety-inducing deadlock like in 2004.  Really, it feels more like 1996 for me in that I have no pressing political worries (though my feelings in 1996 were due less to Clinton’s huge lead than to my being seven.)  Perhaps this is why my heart is softening towards every liberal’s dream president and worst enemy, Ralph Nader.  That, or this ad.  How can I resist a crazy old man pulling shit about pandas out of his ass and flinging it at a parrot?

-Emily Genetta

4 thoughts

  1. That’s just awesome. 🙂

    I’m starting to really like the crazy old men. I was quite fond of Mike Gravel as a candidate. I’m on candidate number 3 now. 🙂 Go Nader!

    Now, if Gravel did this video, he probably would have taken it to the next level and actually dressed in the panda suit.

  2. Hey, at least he doesn’t take himself too seriously. 😉 Nader is perfectly willing to laugh at himself—but what he won’t laugh at are his ideals, or our democracy. Which is more than I can say for either of the major two party candidates…

  3. Nader named his bird Cardozo, the name of a famous and respected US Supreme Court Justice. What a Hoot!

    Nader was and remains the real deal. Too bad people today equate him to being
    a spoiler. He started modern American consumerism.

    Funny bit.

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