Project Runway: Here Comez the Bride

Last week we learned that all four finalists would be designing collections, but only three would get the chance to show at Bryant Park. At the beginning of the episode, we learn that each designer must create a wedding dress as part of their line and the wedding dress is what will be shown to the judges to determine who gets to show at Bryant Park…”at the teyents” as Jerell would say.

I’ve decided to take notes as I watch. Let’s do this. After the jump.

1. In Portland, LeAnne’s collection looks a little too Hollister meets Bedford Avenue at first sight (that wave-inspired mini), so let’s hope that shapes up a bit. But taking Tim on a bicycle for two is disgustingly adorable. Where does one even get a bicycle for two?

2. The colors in Korto’s collection are beautiful, and the jewelry (which she is making herself) looks great too. Her back story sounds like something you would see in a movie. Her daughter is adorable, and she plays the drums like a madwoman. Woot.

3.  Ever since he said “at the teyents” I have been super in love with Jerell, and the visit to his home was equally as charming. Jerell’s wedding dress looks over the top, but definitely the most striking upon first that we’ve seen so far. Also, he looks like he has gained 3 pounds, and it’s workin’ for him. His family seems epic and the picture of him as a child with his dad (woah! fro!) was adorable.

4. So, Kenley claims she got her inspiration from Alice in Wonderland, and I have to respect that even though I kind of can’t stand her. About the use of ropes in her collection….AROUND THE NECK?! That doesn’t allude to a noose at all. Also, I want to get married in the wedding dress she made. It’s gorgeous.

5. Totally awk when Kenley shows up, but she literally says “I’m sorry about being a bitch and everything…” Well, at least the perspective of watching the season has allowed you to realize what an asshole you’ve been.

6. In the work room, Tim tells errbody they each have to use $150 to make a bridesmaid to accompany the wedding dress. The only notable thing: when LeAnne and Korto make short dresses, Kenley decides they ripped her idea off, cause, you know, she invented the whole making a short dress thing. Thanks, Kenley!

7. Runway show! Wedding dress and bridesmaid dress! Let’s go!

– Jerell: the wedding dress looks a biiiiiiit too coture. (Or whatever that would be called…) And what the fuck is coming out of her hair? Orchids?

The bridesmaid dress…is it just me or does it took like velour?

-Kenley: Apparently, after accusing people of stealing her short bridesmaid dress idea, Michael Kors reveals that Kenley’s dress looks like a dead ringer (dead ripoff?) of a recent Alexander McQueen dress.

Alexander McQueen's dress (compare to Kenley's seen above at #4)

But the judges all loved it anyway. (Even though it does indeed look like Kenley ripped that shit off.) Then Kenley said she would get married in this dress, so I have to put a curse on myself for ever agreeing with her on something. Also, her bridesmaid dress is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

-Korto: The wedding dress is out of control. There is so much stuff crowding the neck, including an ugly necklace. And her bridesmaid dress was just blah.

-LeAnne: I like LeAnne’s bridesmaids dress better than the wedding dress. The wedding dress came off as a bit much to me, but it is really beautiful.

Jerell is auf’d. NOooooooOOOoOOO. I think Korto probably should have been sent home in this case, although what I’ve seen of both of their collections in this episode leads me to believe Korto’s would be better…BUT! I wanted to see him at the teyents. Also, did anyone else hear him make a little dig out one of the judges?!!! (“If you want a plain white shirt, go to Michael Kors.”)


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