In a predictable cross-promotional move (Thanks, Buena Vista Entertainment!), the cast of Project Runway was featured on today’s episode of Regis and Kelly in anticipation of the PR finale, which airs tonight on at 9 on Bravo. And, BIG SURPRISE, Kenley came off as an insufferable bitch pretending to have a soul and/or feelings on the morning program.

See clip here

Kenley hatin’ after the jump!

Don’t be fooled. The clip of PR they showed reminded me of a few things…

(1) Kenley got more nasal-y sounding as she got more of an attitude. When she says, “It’s a little annoying that the other three designers hate me,” it literally sounds like nails on a chalk board to me. It just sounds like she is doing an impression of me doing an impression of her. Jesus Christ, just shut up.

(2) Kenley, Kenley, Kenley. You cannot just act like a HUGE ASSHOLE the entire season (Remember her laughing at other people’s wok in the work room…Remember her laugh in general?! Unbearable!), then turn on the tears when you realize everyone hates you. What did you expect?! She cries on Regis and Kelly this morning, but I think her crying stint on PR was even better when she talked about how she grew up on a tug boat and has been the underdog all of her life with people hating her. Oh, woe is me! I’m a beautiful pseudo-Rockabilly white girl…it’s been SO HARD!

(3) This clip also reminds me how much I LOVE JERELL recently. While I’m probably rooting for LeAnne in the finale, I adore Jerell for refusing to share his unused tulle with Kenley when she needed it. AND for bitching Kenley out on the runway in front of the judges (Jerell said he’d like to see Korto and LeAnne at Fashion Week, not Kenley, and Kenley tried to bitch back…to which Jerell responded with “Korto and LeAnne and Jerell at the teyents is what I’m sayin.” — Fast forward and listen for it at 8:00…sorry I couldn’t find a shorter clip.)

Ugh. See y’alls tonight at the season finale (part 1). Maybe I’ll post aboot it tomorrow. Maybe.


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