A Message From the Sub-Basement of Hell (McGinley B-57)

Well boys, we’re at it again. It’s 2 in the morning on the Monday after production weekend and we here at the paper are well on our way to producing our second issue of the year, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to get out of the print shop in time to sneak into my bed before the cock crows thrice. If only you knew the amount of non-sense that we go through to produce Fordham’s best publication of news, analysis, content and review.

And because deep down I know you care (you do really care don’t you?) I’d like to offer an inside glance of the absurdity that goes on inside the depths of the McGinley center among the brilliant minds and lost souls that bring our humble little publication to print on the Rose Hill Campus five times a semester.

To start with, the inexplicable attempt at acting made by Nicholas Cage in our favorite Horror/Suspense/Thriller of all time, The Wicker Man, has provided hours of valuable procrastination time that our entire staff has enjoyed. Be forewarned it’s about as intense a scene as you’ll ever come across.

Twice as slow = twice as stupid.

Even more time-wasting stupidity to follow after the jump!!

For another little gem offering part of the reason we can keep our sanity after 72 hours sans sunlight we turn to possibly the worst film ever made, The Boondock Saints.

If you need further evidence as to just why this cinematic masterpiece is allowed to lay claim to such prestigious hardware, turn to Videogum. And if you’re still not convinced, well, I’m at a loss for words.


2 thoughts

  1. For some reason I decided to check this before going to bed tonight. I’m glad you are all doing what you were an hour ago: watching youtube clips of the Wicker Man and not writing Faker.

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