Strange Days

Couple interesting little tidbits today, apparently, some young tyke broke into an Australian Zoo, went about smashing a bunch of animals on the heads with rocks and then fed the animal carcasses to the zoo’s crocodile. Apparently he killed some pretty big, old and beloved animals, and needless to say the zookeepers were quite shocked. Even stranger is that he went about the entire affair without a perceivable expression on his face. Just straight up ghostfaced the entire time. Furthermore, because the kid was only seven years old, he won’t be prosecuted, the laws of that area of Australia don’t allow prosecution of anyone under ten. So this kid’s getting away with it, I’m sure his parents will take away his TV or something, but the fact that he went on a reckless animal killing spree is more than a little fucked up. Check it.

Then in Ohio a 32 year old woman went on a crunked-out kid chasin, traffic blocking public disturbance tear, all while in a giant cow costume.

Udder Madness!
Udder Madness!

So, to celebrate out mistreatment of animals, I’d like to share with an educational video with the Muppets, and music by Peaches.


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