(This Is Not A) Security Alert!

We hear he looks like this.
We hear he looks like this.

A few minutes before noon today I was startled by a woman running down Lorillard yelling, “there’s a gun, there’s a gun.” Just seconds later, on the block between 187th and 188th St. three police cars were parked in the street and a there were a number of startled onlookers on the sidewalk. The cops left within minutes,  but you could hear sirens a few blocks away.

Risking our personal safety, my roommate and I went ventured outside in the name of the paper.

(Story after the jump!)

Just two doors down in a three-floor apartment building I found a woman waiting on her stoop who informed us that there had just been a robbery in a third floor apartment. The residents, who work nights, were asleep at the time but were roused by the burglar. She also told us that there had been another daytime robbery in the second floor apartment just a few months ago.

While we were talking to the first floor resident a woman who lived in the third floor apartment returned. Barefoot and out of breath, she told us that the robber pulled a gun on her husband who then pulled a knife on the burglar. The burglar fled the apartment but the residents followed him and were able to lead the police to him. The residents believe that the same burglar stole a bicycle from the apartment just a few days earlier, but returned today for their most valuable possessions: a laptop, camera, and a gold ring.

-Katie Prior

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