A Case for Misanthropy

I honestly thought this was an “Onion” style news story when I fist came across this. But alas, it’s not.

This is the story of a severely confused Korean War Vet, and supposed life-long Democrat named Andy Lacasse, who found room in his heart to hate a little recently. Ole Ornery Andy managed to venture outside of his home (into a world filled with drug-crazed teens, pig-fucking hippies, and homosexual Islamist terrorists) to bravely put up this sign on his front lawn.

Setting the record straight!

While putting up the sign, neighbors claim the old man was reported to be saying to himself, “This’ll show them bastards!”

Andy later went on to tell reporters from Channel 13 News in Central Florida that he put the sign up to stop the sexist attacks against Sarah Palin and Hilary Clinton. Andy is still waiting to hear the tidal wave of praise from women’s groups lauding his valiant defense of the fairer sex in politics.

If you don’t believe me, read the whole story here.

Old Man Andy, you are bugging the fuck out right now.


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