The Internet Is the Most Asinine Series of Tubes in the World

If you’ve ever thought that the proliferation of media to the masses enabled by the Internet was a good thing, this video will single handedly prove you wrong.

The clip is called “Politically Retarded” and is hosted by a mildly incomprehensible Asian man who goes by the Internet moniker of “Retarded Mango.” The bit manages to rip off an old Conan O’Brien bit while at the same insulting everything and everyone it touches, including

Welcome to the Information Super-Highway to Hell.

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Sitting through the video was almost worth it though, for this brilliant comment from a YouTube user named luvergurl who had this to say about the video:

ur stupid ur gonna vot for someone who is gonna put us in another war. WOW INTELEGENTE MUCHO?
your gonna vote for someone who went to school when you could kill a black person and noone would care.
yeah you are a smart cookie.
Bonus points for being bilingual.

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