This Week at Fordham

It’s Sunday night, and we here at the paper are nursing another banger of a weekend, drearily looking into another five day abyss of work and school. That’s not to say though that this upcoming week won’t be punctuated by fun and games though, the first Senior Night is this Thursday, and so is the VP debate. We’re still trying to figure out which will be a bigger shit-show.

Welcome to Thursday night SmackDown!
Welcome to Thursday night SmackDown!

Outside of those highlights: Monday morning, Washington will probably make some big-shit announcement regarding a bailout of some-kind, a bail-out that will probably have consequences that I will fail to understand forever.

In less depressing areas, the movie Blindness will be released on Friday, a film based on the awesome Jose Saramago novel of the same name and directed by the dude who is responsible for the jaw dropping awesomeness that was the film City of God, Fernando Meirelle. In more depressing areas, it will most likely out-grossed by the George Lopez inflected, Beverly Hills Chihuahua and the sub-Juno, indie rock co-opt flick Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist.

That’s pretty much it for the week…

At least there’s still Tuesday night.

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