Tazed And Confused

The NYPD’s Taser-happy policies brought tragedy today as a naked and, by all accounts crazy, man was tazed off of a fire escape and fell to his death. While overuse of Tasers has brought police scrutiny across the nation, incidents like last week’s armed man on campus shows us there is a place and time for a good ‘ole fashioned 50,000 volt prong to the chest.

Taser victim Inman Morales final moments
Taser victim Inman Morales' final moments

However, lest we join too heartily in a circle of Taser love, incidents like today’s stand as a reminder that there are also wrong places to use a Taser. When a man is perched on a ledge, however naked, a muscle paralyzing weapon is every bit as lethal as a shotgun blast to the back of the head. There was no point in tazing this guy, but the NYPD did it anyway. Read and decide for yourself.


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