Fucked Up Fordhamites Rain On Local Parade

Free-Range and Hormone Free Light

I’ve never considered Mugzs to be an “hardcore bar.” In my mind, that’s a name I’ve always reserved for some yet-to-be-seen establishment with a perfect balance of moto-x, pyrotechnics, and Red Bull. But apparently the surrounding community doesn’t agree. On Sept. 15, The Daily News reported that local Community Board 6, representing the Fordham and Belmont neighborhoods, began the process of setting in place a moratorium on new liquor licenses. Citing “illegal activities” and “4 am” close times (true and true), its pretty clear who they’re talking about. Check out the article:

Community Board 6 leaders look to cut off new bars in Fordham, Belmont

Its lots of fun to get drunk 4-6 nights a week, but when you read something like this, it must really suck to listen to us drunken assholes outside on a Tuesday night at 4 am. To read our view on this issue go here.

For the time being, it doesn’t look like Fordham kids and the locals are going to get any friendlier.


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