191 & Bathgate: the MOVIE!


Rich kids from Westchester moving on to Bathgate? What an unrealistic movie!
Rich kids from Westchester moving on to Bathgate? What an unrealistic movie!

While walking home from class today, a friend of mine asked if I had heard of the movie Cross Bronx. Well, no. I hadn’t. So my friend pointed out one of those apartments between 191 and Fordham Road on Bathgate—the ones right outside the Finlay Gate—and said the movie was about 4 kids from Westchester who move into that apartment. Wait. What? YES. So those kids move into the apartment with the hopes of hooking up with the nearby college babes (that’s us, Fordham girls!), and then chronicles their adventures in the Bronx.

(preview after the jump)

My friend said the movie even features a scene in Mugz. WHAT?! I need to see this. So I (obvs) went home and checked out the trailer. Everything in this trailer looks so “movie dirty”— you know what I mean. No apartment looks like this. Just like no house has ever looked like the house in Fight Club. It’s movie dirty. Also, I’m willing to bet those apartments are more expensive than the $600/month price that lady gives and very nice considering they’re so close to campus. So once you get past the movie dirty, you’ll notice they showcase the “Bathgate” street sign proudly. YES. Other than that, the preview pretty much looks like the most stereotypical portrayal of a “rough” neighborhood that I’ve ever seen. (Shocking!) But I cannot wait to see the awkward references to the nearby college. And oh my god, isn’t that the fat guy from Entourage?

And all of this in light of the fact that a) Tinkers was overrun by Westchester high school students all summer long and b) Bill’s post about drunk students pissing off our neighbors. How purrfect. I really hope this movie is terrible (and if the trailer is any indicator, it is). I smell a movie night hosted by the paper.


7 thoughts

  1. Pause it around 2:10-2:11 and you’ll see a perfect shot of Suits throwing kids out of a bar. This is too good.

  2. wait, wait, wait, wait… wait!

    my plans on making a movie about my fordham years has been foiled again! goddammit! booze, bars, bathgate, bitches, bullets, baseball, bugs… goddammit! i guess my 13 friends and i will have to move to brooklyn now.

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