Mission of the internet

Whattup Fordham?

Welcome to the internet, the web incarnation of Fordham University’s alternative news source, the paper (creative, right?). The internet is going to be an extension of our print periodical, with all the features, opinions, and exposes you’ve come to expect from us.

It’s also going to be more than that, and I’ll explain why. As we at the paper have chosen to brave that final journalistic frontier (the world wide web), we invite YOU, loyal readers and members of the Fordham University/Bronx community, to join us. Publishing on the web is more efficient and more visible. It’s easier to access news and share stories with friends and family over the internet– you know that. How else could you have laughed yourself silly over two little British tots biting each others’ fingers? (You know you love it.) Now you will be able to access all your favorite stories from us right here on the web and share it with that cutie down the hall like you KNOW you want to.

"Now I can read the paper online and in print! I'm gonna check for differences!"
“Now I can read the paper online and in print! I’m gonna check for differences!”

But even better than easy news access— and this is what we at the paper are most excited aboutare the opportunities for YOUR input and contribution. We understand that not everyone on campus shares our affinity for publishing. We understand that not everyone gets really excited to spend five weekends a semester in the basement of McGinley drinking D-Coke from a WaWa mug and putzing around on QuarkXPress to produce a paper. We also understand that not everyone has the time to sit down and write 900 words on something for the paper when they’ve got loads of reading from Faith and Critical Reasoning to do and friends to meet up with at Tinker’s. We get that. So we’re hoping that you’d like to come write for us here on the internet. Whether you’ve got a quick blurb about something happening on campus, or you want to sound off on the upcoming election or the economy or a concert you went to– BRING IT HERE! We are very excited and eager to create an open forum for the Fordham community.

Whether you want to write for us once, or you want to contribute on a semi-regular or regular basis, we’d love to have you. Or maybe you’re interested in web design or programming, we’d DEFINITELY love to have you, too. This wordpress blog is just a temporary setup until we get our own domain underway. If you are interested in contributing in any capacity, PLEASE contact us by sending us an email at paper.fordham@gmail.com or by attending one of our meetings (Tuesdays, 8:00 PM in the Ramskellar)

If you take anything away from this post, let it be this: the paper and the internet are all about getting the conversation started, getting ideas heard and spread and hopefully making this community a better, funkier place for us all. Word up.

Love & Peace,


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