Message From the Sub-Basement of Hell (McGinley B-57)

Not to make a Marxist out of a molehill, but as Sara Palin enjoyed some softballs from FOX News’ Sean Hannity tonight she gingerly swung low and sweet, and hit the financial crisis right on the head. She said that the problem on Wall Street is that CEOs are addicted to “O.P.M.” (that’s political homespun for “Other People’s Money”.) Sean Hannity, looking up from endorsing his NewsCorp paycheck, gave a stern nod in agreement.

Noted political pundit Friedrich Engels agreed whole heartedly. “Exactly! Holy shit! I said it in 1848, and I’ll say it again, the whole problem with a free market economic system is that the bourgeois are addicted to exploiting the worker in an economic system built to divide the people into the haves and the have nots… I always told Karl that the best way to solve the world societal, philosophical, economic and historiologial woes was through a folksy home-spun catch-phrase, not a Manifesto.” the co-author of the Communist Manifesto said from beyond the grave.

Sarah Palin1
Communist Party VP Candidate Sarah Palin

Alaska…? Alaska… Alaska? America you are officially bugging the fuck out.


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